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The 2 min Playdough & Pasta activity

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Got some hair conditioner laying around you don’t like? Or some body lotion?

Mix it together with cornflour and add food colouring for instant play dough. It makes the softest silkiest playdough 🤗

Wrap in cling wrap for storage when not in use.

Try sticking some straws or spaghetti in the dough and let your toddler threat on pasta! Hours of entertainment… 🙌🏼 👌🏽

The concentration…

…followed by the triumph!!! “Yay”.

4 thoughts on “The 2 min Playdough & Pasta activity

  1. What a wonderful way to develop eye-hand coordination, and not even knowing you are “working” on something!

  2. That’s a great idea to use up conditioner or body lotion and would be great for my grandson as he cant play with bought playdough as he is allergic to gluten.
    Harper is such a cutie and really enjoyed threading the pasta on 🙂
    Loving your blog

    1. Thanks Debbie. There are loads of different recipes for Playdough but this one is nice and quick and easy. ☺️

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