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Balancing out the mundane tasks we do each day

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Most of us as mums go through the same mundane cyclic tasks each day, like making bottles, cleaning the floors and doing the washing up. It might be different in your house but it’s reality for most women. If your a working mum then your work may be fulfilling enough that you find you do not need to take on anything else. For others, I think we need to have something fun for ourselves each day to balance out those tasks for the sake of mental health, something outside the kids to keep us in a good head space. It should be something that we enjoy and can look forward to. It might be an hour of reading a good book or sewing if your into that.

It usually takes having a good routine planned to allow us to have an hour or two to ourselves each day. If you have something to look forward to though, the morning cleaning routine gets done with more speed and determination. Something that has measurable progress and results is ideal to give a sense of achieving something. This can be a good balance to the cyclic tasks we are responsible for day after day.

Hobbies or interests outside the kids

I’ll start with Blogging because this is my new found hobby.

If you cringe at the thought of sitting with needle and threat then there are plenty of other options with the internet. You don’t have to have a big website, you could just have a Facebook page and if you find it embarrassing at first (a little bit like myself I must admit) then you could start out as an annoynomous blogger 😗.

Photography / Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to share photos and gain followers. You could definitely turn this into a hobby. Especially if you choose to have a theme going with your photos to appeal to a particular groups of people. You could link a Facebook page and promote your photos and inspiration, similar to blogging.

Writing a column

Writing a regular column is an awesome idea. I really like this one. If you are passionate about beauty, children, women’s issues, health, religion, politics.. whatever it might be, find a blog you like and offer to write a weekly column. After some time you will gather a following just from the column and you might choose to start a blog from there.

By the way – Any mums of several kids I would love to feature you on my blog!! I am so interested in how other mums manage. Message me if you would be so kind and are interested.

Making photo books

This is also an awesome idea. These days you can have photo books made up online and printed professionally into a book. You could make one of your Grandparents, Parents, you and your siblings, your children, holidays your family went on etc. My Aunt through marriage makes these for family members on their Birthday. She uses the website http://au.blurb.com/  They are fabulous and make the most beautiful personalised gift.


I love being around green and gardening. It is good to be out in the fresh air but usually you can get your kids to be involved so it might not turn into a hobby or interest of your own as such, unless you are a real die hard gardener with a huge garden to perfect each day (I’m picturing rows and rows of perfectly pruned hedges). Or perhaps topiary trees? A house near by has a topiary tree on the street sidewalk which they’ve pruned into the shape of a huge dog. I love that.


One of my girlfriends makes her own yoghurt and muesli from scratch and sells it at the markets. You can do this with baking too and could make an income by selling them to a local coffee shop.

Sewing / Quilting

I am absolutely rubbish at all the above which is probably why I bunched them all together.but I have friends who have given me stunning gifts for my children and it must be so nice to be able to sit and enjoy something like quilting. I imagine it would be relaxing. For me though it is super frustrating.  I know a girl who sews bibs that are amazing and so much better than what you can buy in the stores. All this type of thing can be sold on Etsy too. A friend Jacqui (@fabric_finder) makes exquisite quilts from the best fabrics which she sources from all over the world. If you have talent like that you should put it to use! A quilt of hers is pictured below. You can find her at https://www.instagram.com/fabric_finder/

Knitting / Embroidery

Again, skills I do not process. However knitting for my nan is her relaxation and zone out time. She can knit just about anything at full speed without looking. Nan uses Bendigo Cotton 100 % from http://www.bendigowoollenmills.com.au/ which makes super soft, heavy weight blankets which are not itchy like wool. See pictured a blanket wrapped around my newborn.

Mum writes a blog http://thebluebirdsarenesting.blogspot.com.au/ and does embroidery (@thebluebirdsarenesting). She embroidered these baby onesies for me, they are pretty cute. I tried embroidery for all of 3 minutes and decided it wasn’t for me 😬.

Baby related goods

Teething beads, toys, bibs etc. Also can be sold on Etsy or given as gifts.

A friend Sarah has five children under ten. She still finds time to make affordable baby goods which she sells at markets. Pictured below. Find her at https://m.facebook.com/madebysarah2016

Please leave a comment if you have a different hobby that does the trick or have any other ideas on balancing out the day with something for ourselves..

Other than the obvious, being wine of course.🍷 😂