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Thule Urban Glide 2 Review & how its changed my life

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This is what it looks like with a 2 year old and 4 month old. There is plenty more room for an older child.

Ok, so this pram has revolutionised my life. The Urban Glide 2 is a double side by side running pram. I cannot even tell you how much better I feel about my week ahead now that I have this pram.

I should note that I also have a Joolz Duo pram which is one child on top of the other which is as narrow as a single pram for say, going to the coffee shop. So if you have the luxury of having two prams, these two are fabulous.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 and the BOB Revolution Duallie are the only two real running prams for two children on the market. The Thule is far more sleek and attractive and has more features, but is slightly pricier, but so worth the money.




My favourite features of the Thule:

  • Car capsule attachment so is suitable from newborn
  • Big sun visor that rotates forward and back to follow the sun
  • Fully reclinable seats
  • Each seat can be reclined are sat upright separately
  • Easily adjustable in one swift motion
  • Option to view children through peaky windows without needing to stop
  • Huge basket for grocery shopping, Kmart shopping whatever you want
  • Rain cover, console for drinks and phone etc.
  • Easy fold, light weight
  • Sleek appearance


How could one pram change a life?

Thule Urban Glide two one seat fully reclined and one upright

Sounds dramatic, perhaps I’m being over the top but since purchasing this pram my quality of life and my happiness has improved. When you have a toddler and a baby getting them into the car feels too hard most days. It’s easier to get out by walking with the pram. They prefer it, its fresh air for all and its fitness for me. My daughter actually says, “more, more, more” as I run so it’s pretty motivating. I would say it’s similar to running on a treadmill and holding the bar. You can comfortably build your fitness by running (or walking) on the side walk with this pram. I tried jogging with my Joolz pram and its doable but does not compare to using a proper jogging pram and your standard pram will become rattley and get damaged pretty quickly. A regular pram is also harder to control and fairly strenuous on your arms and shoulders.

So if you can get out and jog you start to feel better about yourself right? You might even have hope of getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight! When your moving quickly you get places quickly. Get your google maps out and see how far away your local Target, Big W, Kmart, Grocery store etc. is. For me I can get to most under 5k there and back. If you have a destination and you allow yourself to buy something small when you get there then its a really positive morning.

Maybe you don’t need to stick your kids in the gym crèche after all. Maybe you can have them by your side and demonstrate and encourage an active lifestyle instead. (BTW the gym crèche is a great option if you need some me time too!)

Love love love my Thule.

Do you guys have any ideas on improving fitness with a running pram?